Presentations That Will Keep Your Audience Awake

Business Presentation Skills

When delivering a business presentation, it is essential that you are able to present all the aspects, including all necessary data about a business undertaking or project.

Sure, you know this and you are perfectly capable of coming up with a comprehensive presentation.

But the problem with business presentations is that they tend to be complicated and boring.

And when you fail to catch your audience's attention, or you manage to but then they later get confused, you know that your sleepless nights have lost their cause.

So how do turn your business presentation into a success?

Research and Study

Now you can't make a report without knowing the facts. It is of utmost importance that you do your homework beforehand. If you can, start researching weeks before your presentation.

This will give you time to understand and internalise what you need to know.

But don't put everything in your presentation, unless you are given a whole week to present it! Just take the most pertinent data and leave out those that you can.

But make sure that you are able to give your audience what they need to hear.

Don't leave out something important just because you have a hard time mastering it, or you're too lazy to study the information - it's your responsibility to understand it. Otherwise, you have no business presenting it.

Simplify and Practice

Take all the complex data and make it so that everyone understands what you are trying to impart.

Use everyday examples, and make sure you are able to explain every single detail of your report.

Practice a day or two before the presentation, and try to anticipate the questions that will be asked.

Prepare and practice delivering your answers, so that you don't get rattled on the day of the presentation.

Be Creative

Imagine speaking nonstop in front of an audience for an hour or so with only charts and graphs as the visual aids.

Do you think you will be able to keep their attention?

The trick here is to employ multimedia support.

You may have heard of, or even used, Flash programmed presentations and PowerPoint presentations.

But do you know how to maximise these so that you get a powerful presentation?

Don't settle for the colourful slides alone. Make your presentation interactive - use enhanced images, video, and audio.

Tell a Good Story

Yes, advanced technology now allows you to integrate everything you need into your presentation, and the possibilities are endless.

You can make your presentation in the form of documentation, music videos, or even a short film.

But then again, you can't just slap in any picture, video, or audio anywhere you please.

You have to get proper images and audio, and you also need to organise your presentation enhancement such that all images and audio that you are using are pertinent to our presentation.

You also have to know when and where you need to place your presentation enhancement. If you do otherwise, you will have an awkward presentation, not a successful one.

And you want your audience to be clamouring for a business card after the presentation, right?

Take your business cards with you wherever you go, and keep them crisp and ready in business card cases, or a leather business cardholder.

Don't forget to keep some at home and at the office in a desktop business cardholder.

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