PowerPoint Skills - Top 10 Tips

PowerPoint Top Tips

Here are some of our top tips that are really easy to put into effect.

Just using a few of these will start you off on the right foot.

1. Blank the Screen

Push the “B” key and the screen will go dark.

Push it again the screen will come back on.

Audiences are easily distracted by having a bright image next to you.

2. Use a Clicker

Using a clicker (a remote control for PowerPoint) will allow you the freedom to move around and use all of your presenting area.

Every clicker will have the forwards, back and blank button.

3. Jump to the Slide you Want

Typing the number of a slide say “ 14 “ followed by the return key will take you directly to that slide.

This enables you to navigate by jumping backwards or forwards through your presentation.

4. Think Visually

A picture paints a thousand words.

The brain needs an image to be able to think.

PowerPoint is a visual medium so at every opportunity, think visually.

5. One Thought per Slide

The audience has to understand your idea within seconds.

6. Use all your Real Estate

You only have so much space on a slide, so make the most of it.

Fill the slide with the important images.

7. The 10, 20, 30 Rule

If you don’t know where to start, use this, as a guide.

10 slides maximum

20 minutes maximum

30 font size minimum

If you MUST use words, make them so big they become an image in themselves.

Also fewer, bigger words are quicker for the audience to understand.

8. Make Sure You do all the Work

Death by PowerPoint happens when you make your audience think so much they get tired and give up.

Don’t make them tired!

You have a captive audience, so do all the work for them so they have to think as little as possible.

9. Start with PowerPoint last

Do all your prep about what you want to say and the order of how you say it before opening PowerPoint.

Only then think, “what will help the audience”?

10. You are more Important than the Slide Show

No matter how good the show is, in the end, it is always you they buy.

If this weren’t true we would just send people a copy of our wonderful Slide Show and wait for them to call.

You make the Presentation - the Slide Show backs you up.

Lastly, if you'd really like to be frightened into making the effort to use some of these tips, have a look at some glaring examples of

What Not to do with your PowerPoint

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