Positive Attitude

Personal Impact

Working with what works about people

It seems we live in a world where negativity is commonplace, self-criticism is encouraged and appraisals are most likely to emphasise what we could do better.

Why? What's wrong with a positive attitude?

Why have we become obsessed with our faults?

Focus on Weaknesses

Where is it written that concentrating on our weaknesses will somehow assist in our personal development?

Personally, I think we are forgetting about a positive attitude and the power of praise.

Perhaps, it's a British thing.


It seems we are particularly reluctant to say how well somebody else does something, let alone acknowledge what we do well ourselves!

Maybe there is an unspoken fear that we will appear arrogant or become complacent, to say what works about us is just heading for disaster.

In my years at Impact Factory, I have found the opposite to be true.


Let's talk about presenting, for example.

If someone tells you to stop doing this or avoid doing that, it's not long before all you can focus on are those things and any chance of giving a confident, relaxed and engaging presentation goes right out the window.

You feel suppressed and self-conscious.

How helpful is that?

Focus on What Works

It is far more valuable to know what's positive and works about us.

What are our strengths and skills?

One of the most effective ways of doing less of something that doesn't work is to do more of something that does!

If we can learn to acknowledge these qualities, we can take a big step in our personal development.

The more aware we become, the more we can deploy these skills rather than just hoping they surface.

It is equally important to hear positive things from those around you.

Natural Strengths

What do they see as your natural strengths?

Often we forget that others see us differently than we see ourselves.

This is invaluable information, and a wonderful opportunity to create a strong bond within a team.

Try This Test

If you're worried that, perhaps, in all this praise we might never know what our weaknesses are, let's try this little positive or negative experiment.

As quickly as you can, think of three things you could do better or that need improving.

Good. Now think of three things that you do really well, areas where you naturally shine

1) ..............................

2) ..............................

3) ..............................

Still waiting!

Increased Confidence

See, it is much easier to put ourselves down.

That's the world we live in.

The challenge is to start looking at what works for yourself and others, come right out and acknowledge them.

This will increase your confidence and your ability to tackle more difficult areas.

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