Personal Presence

Personal Presence

First Impressions

What's the first thing you notice about other people?

Is it physicality: body, eyes, smile, voice, handshake, accent?

Is it their appearance: clothes, hair, scent, makeup?

Is it their personality, manner, attitude or behaviour?

What Will You Remember

Ok. So that's first impressions.

But what will you remember?

And more importantly, what would make you want to meet that person again?

Positive Image

What is it that gets people noticed in a memorable and positive way?

That's what we're talking about here: making a positive impression.

There are plenty of people who are memorable but in a negative, unpleasant or ineffectual way.


Some people, it seems, just have that certain something that's very hard to define, but that makes such an impressive impact that others who are less dynamic fade.

It could be called presence, flair or style; but whatever you call it, they leave you wanting more.

You listen to them at meetings and their contributions and opinions are sought after. And they seem to do this without imposing themselves on others.

Presence Is Not Domination

Presence is not domination however having said that it is hard to define, let's try.

When someone has presence, they come across as natural - as genuinely themselves.

You believe them.

You feel they are listening to you and taking in what you are saying because they are literally present.

They pay attention.

You Can Already Turn Up Your Presence

They have no mask, or 'front' or 'side'.

You already have the capacity to be more 'present' than you normally are.

The more at ease you are with yourself and the more confident you become about the contributions you make, the more presence you'll have.

Authority and Assurance

People will listen to you not because you're assertive or demanding, but because you have authority and assurance.

Even when you're not sure!

Saying 'I don't know' confidently, has presence.

Valuing yourself more is the first step to acquiring more Personal Presence.

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