Personal Development

Personal Impact

If you stay the same, never change, stay fixed and inflexible, it's unlikely you're doing much personal development.

Alternatively, if you are constantly changing, it is also unlikely you are doing much personal development just the opposite in fact.

However, some form of change is what personal development is all about.


Not necessarily big, massive changes (though those do occur in our lives), but it's small insights, new ways of doing something, noticing our behaviour and learning new skills that develop who we are as people.

Each new skill you acquire - technical, communication, social, emotional - also adds to your development.

You know something you didn't know before and therefore, you will see the world differently.

Each time you learn something about yourself or the world, your awareness increases and your perspective will have changed.

Personal Development

One way of looking at personal development is to see how well your inner world of thoughts and emotions matches up with your external expression and behaviour.

The more aligned the two worlds are, the healthier your own personal development.

Personal development happens in two ways.

1. Deliberate Choice

We deliberately choose it by seeking out experiences, situations, people courses, books, etc. that will enhance and expand our personal knowledge.

2. By Accident

Or it happens to us whether we like it or not!

Unexpected events come along and force us to reassess who and why we are.

Be Prepared

We usually can't control the unexpected, but we can be far better prepared for it by the amount of deliberate personal development we do.

Indeed, the quicker we can adapt and accommodate the changes that occur to us the more developed, or whole, we are.

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