Marketing - Personal Branding

Marketing - Personal Impact

Marketing is not just about brand and corporate image.

You can apply marketing thinking to yourself when looking for that perfect job or position.

Getting A Message Across

People tend to think of marketing as a way to get a message across to the public about a product or service and to make that message enticing enough so that the public will want it.

This can include all kinds of advertising and the creation of brand identity.

Brand Identity

Companies spend a lot of creative time (and money, of course) making sure their brand identity reflects their product or service in the best possible light.

Marketing helps ensure public recognition, even to the point where a logo or symbol is instantly recognisable without words (think of the Nike Swoosh, for instance).

Market Research

These days there's a whole bunch of 'science' associated with marketing, what with market research companies, focus groups, online surveys, polls; you name it, someone is already doing it to try to market their products better than anyone else.

So now let's look a little closer to home - you, for instance.

How well are you marketing yourself?

Personal Branding

Do you have a brand identity?

Don't laugh!

We're not talking about turning you into a Nike trainer, but we are talking about being more proactive when it comes to getting your message across.

Promote Yourself

Getting it across to the people who count whether you're looking for a new job or seeking promotion within your current organisation.

Or it may not be about work at all, but about your social and family life.

Yes! Even there marketing yourself may make a big difference.

Special Qualities

What makes you special?

What unique qualities do you have?

Now, by unique, we don't mean that you have qualities that no one else has, but how the combination of qualities makes you a unique person.

If You Were A Brand

If you were a commercial brand is there anything out there that you identify with and if so, why?

Marketing yourself means creating a CV that reflects something of your personality rather than a dry recitation of your employment history.

Marketing yourself may mean acquiring additional proficiencies such as presentation or communication skills, re-examining your wardrobe (what does yours say about you?), understanding what your body language is saying.

Marketable Brand You

Marketing yourself may mean brushing up your interview skills so that once you get in front of those decision-makers they see you at your very best.

The key here is to start thinking of yourself as a 'marketable brand' with skills and qualities that are attractive to future employers.

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