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Management Training

There you are, you've aspired to be a manager, you got the promotion.....and then what?

Now some people seem to be born with a gift for management, but certainly not most.

Learning on the Job

Most people flounder around, learn on the job, make humiliating mistakes, get a lot really wrong, get a bunch really right.

If it goes well, they climb the managerial ladder without too much scorched-earth or burnt bridges.

If it doesn't go well they fall off the ladder or spend a career being mediocre or waiting to be found out.

Management Skills

Then there are those who approach management in the old fashioned way: they scare people, yell at them, blow off their frustrations on team members, blame others for their mistakes, play politics for all it's worth.

For those of you who haven't been born with ready-made management skills, they do have to be developed, just like any other skill.

Yet for some bizarre reason, management skills seem to be one of those things that companies often think can be learned on the job.

Well, some skills can be, but as far as we're concerned, it's hard enough having to do the job, let alone learn new skills at the same time.

Management Training

Take a moment to think of things from the 'being managed' point of view. Isn't it fabulous when you have a manager who seems to have a collection of really great management qualities?

They listen and hear what you have to say, they encourage you to fulfil the best of yourself, they're aware of who does what well and facilitates them doing it better, they're generous with information and communicate easily.

Good Managers

Good managers are good delegators: the more they give away, the more they develop other people's skills and stretch their capacity.

The more they give away, the more their own time is freed up to do the next level of creative thinking.

It's a pleasure being managed by someone who is genuine, fun, sensitive and seems to be able to juggle and plate spin with some degree of ease.

Managing Others

And maybe that's the key - they're at 'ease' with themselves, and so can manage others with trust.

Ah, the 't' word. Trust. When you're managed by someone who creates a trusting environment it feels safe.

You can feel comfortable being yourself, and as far as we're concerned, the more you are able to be yourself, generally, the better you will be at what you do.

Trust and Confidence

It's easier to admit mistakes when you know your head isn't going to be taken off, and your confidence grows when a manager has faith in you.

So now go back to putting on the management hat and see if sits differently now that you've looked at it from the being managed point of view.

Is there anything you'd do differently?

Are you managing others the way you'd like to be managed? If not, what's missing; what management training do you need to develop and most importantly, what support do you need to make that possible?

You don't have to become a different person when you become a manager, but you do need some form of management training to help you to behave and feel as though you belong there.

Management Training

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