Management Training - An Investment for Forward Thinking Business Leaders

Management Training

To be competitive in the global market arena requires training and development of your greatest resource Your People.

If you, as a business owner or manager, are curious as to how to invest those discretionary or budgeted funds so that achieve your business goals, then maybe its time to rethink your existing beliefs.

Training for Managers

Management Training is not new to small businesses or to the Fortune 1000 corporations

Employees must be trained to learn specific skillsets within their job functions as well as policies and procedures.

This is especially true in today's technology-driven 24/7 business world.

During the last 100 years, training has been viewed by some as the necessary evil.

The prevailing belief was "We gotta train them."

Cut Training Budgets at Your Peril

And when sales plummeted or companies merged, the leadership or managements belief was to cut the training budgets as well as the human resource department.

Now does this really make sense?

If your people are the key to overcoming current challenges, then why cut their resources when you are experiencing significant issues.

Train Your People

This is the time more than ever to invest (keyword here is to invest) in YOUR people.

Slashing the training budget is in many cases a reaction to a symptom instead of the real much larger problem or problems.

That problem or those problems may include the following:

Inability to define the desired results

HINT: If you cant define the desired results that you want from the training, then why do the training? This is now a management problem, not a training problem.

No Strategic Plan

HINT: If there is no strategic plan (who does what by when), then you and your people are on someone else's plan and the problem is poor planning, not training.

Outdated Strategic Plan

HINT: If you haven't revisited your plan within the last 30 days, then the problem is not training, but again poor planning.

Poor Communication

HINT: If 100% of your people cannot tell you what the top 3 goals of the organisation are for the current year, you have a communication problem, not a training problem.

Inconsistent Leadership

HINT: If your actions are not consistently focused on the end results and your behaviours are not demonstrating the shared common values, then you have a leadership problem, not a training problem.

With the new financial year fast approaching and the quarter quickly ending, now is the time for you as that forward-thinking business leader to use your leadership skills to assess what the real problems that you are facing and not just the symptoms.

Begin to believe that training is an investment in your people and therefore in your organisation.

For without those most advanced systems (your people) in your business, you wouldn't be able to conduct business, would you?

This article was contributed by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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