Management Training: Are You Satisfied With The Results?

Management Training

Are you struggling to get good results from your management training programs?

Perhaps its time to reframe the way you approach training.

It should be a continuous development process rather than a one time fix it approach.

Learn ways to get the biggest bang from your training dollars.

Training Program Results

If you're not satisfied with the results of your management training programs, maybe its because you handle training as a one-shot event rather than a process of developing your people to be better managers.

One of the common misconceptions is that a manager can take a course and voila he is now skilled in communicating with others, or managing his time or delegating work.

Training Must Be Ongoing

People change in one day.

In particular, many leadership competencies require several courses and ongoing feedback and reinforcement.

Here is how you can get the biggest bang from your training dollars:

Just In Time Training

Make sure training is just in time.

Provide training when people need it not when it's on a schedule.

If people know they will immediately be able to use the new skills or information, they'll be more motivated to learn.

Otherwise, they'll see it as a waste of time.

Create Performance Tools

These are inexpensive, user-friendly aids - laminated cards or posters or booklets - that will keep key points fresh in peoples mind.

Schedule Tips.

Tips for Improving Performance are short sessions planned several weeks after the training.

Here people exchange what is working, what not and how to make it work better. In essence, they are teaching and coaching each other.

Make sure training is more than a checklist of courses but rather an effective method of improving performance.

This article was contributed by Marcia Zidle

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