Leadership Quiz

See How You Rate As a Leader

Have you got what it takes to get to the top?

Do you have the management skills employers are looking for?

Or do your talents lie in being a team player rather than a leader?

Take our quiz to find out.

Transform the Way You Lead Quickly and Easily!

1. How Important Is Status To You?

a) Very important: I like to feel like I'm in the top echelon.

b) Quite important: It's good to be in with the in-crowd.

c) It's more about the quality of relationships than where you fall within those relationships.

d) Not very important: I just want to get on.

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2. In Your Childhood What Was Your 'Gang Rank'?

a) The leader: feared by all.

b) The funny one: adored by all.

c) The thinking one: listened to by all.

d) The geeky one: noticed by none.

Become a More Dynamic Leader in Just Two Days!

3. At The Office Do You Come Up With New Ideas And Suggestions?

a) All the time: I really let everyone know what I think.

b) Quite often: but not at all if it would mean upsetting someone.

c) Often: being careful of any personal and political issues.

d) Rarely: what if it was the wrong thing?

Transform the Way You Lead Quickly and Easily!

4. A Colleague Has Been Criticised For Shoddy Report Writing. Do You?

a) Tell them why they should have known better.

b) Take them out for a drink after work.

c) Offer to proofread their next effort.

d) Avoid them. You've got too much to do as it is.

Lead Better and More Effectively in Just Two Days!

5. You Have Just Faced Some Negative Feedback. How Do You Respond?

a) Get angry and defensive.

b) Listen carefully but come away feeling disappointed.

c) Consider what you could change and how you could improve.

d) Sigh and think, "yeah that's me".

Become a More Dynamic Leader in Just Two Days!

6. What Does EQ Mean To You?

a) Nothing: it's a wishy-washy management fad that hopefully will soon go out of fashion.

b) It's an excuse to be allowed to a laugh on company time.

c) It's a way of empathising with how your colleagues may be feeling.

d) That you should try to understand your boss's moods.

Transform the Way You Lead Quickly and Easily!

7. Faced With a Problem To Solve, What Do You Do?

a) Come up with one solution and pronounce it correct.

b) Generate a few possible solutions and ask others what they think.

c) Brainstorm with a couple of nearby colleagues.

d) Seek your manager's advice.

Lead Better and More Effectively in Just Two Days!

8. Your Boss Has Asked You To Do Something That Is Beyond Your Abilities. Do You?

a) Take it on with gusto: you're up to anything.

b) Give it your best shot: making a passing joke not to blame you if it all goes horribly wrong.

c) Agree to do the task: but ask for further direction and assistance.

d) Stress out, clam up and finally confess that you just don't think you could manage it.

Become a More Dynamic Leader in Just Two Days!

9. Is Delegation...

a) A waste of time: no one else will be able to do it as well as you so you might as well do it yourself.

b) An easy way to share the workload.

c) An effective way to create new learning opportunities for others.

d) Something I'm always on the receiving end of.

Transform the Way You Lead Quickly and Easily!

10 Change To You Means...

a) Something to be controlled.

b) An opportunity where anything could happen.

c) A chance to make progress.

d) Something to go along with.

Lead Better and More Effectively in Just Two Days!

So, How Did You Score?

Mostly A's

You're a natural-born leader just waiting for the right job to come along.

You're strong, decisive, and authoritarian.

Everyone around you respects you.

At least that's what you'd like to think. In reality, the situation may be rather different.

At best your arrogant, bullish, autocratic approach is seen as old fashioned.

At worse, it's ridiculed by peers and management alike.

You would be wise to be less punitive to those who do not see the world as you do and open up more to the talents of those around you.

Become a More Dynamic Leader in Just Two Days!

Mostly B's

You've got good potential. You support people. You listen to others. You are lateral. You take the initiative.

All this bodes well for your future.

But only if you overcome what could become a fatal career flaw - wanting to be liked.

There is nothing wrong with seeking out the approval of others.

But you do this to such an extent that you want to be everyone's best friend.

So, when difficult and direct words are needed you can end up just being nice instead.

Try, instead, to learn to confront potential conflicts with sensitivity and honesty. People will respect you more for it.

Transform the Way You Lead Quickly and Easily!

Mostly C's

Management, here you come.

If you want to move up the ranks you've probably got the ability to make that climb.

You're creative, assertive and empathetic.

You easily draw groups together and enjoy heading them up.

Most promising though is the importance you give to bringing on the abilities of others.

You have high expectations of them, higher possibly than they have of themselves.

And you seem prepared to do what you can to help them realise their own potential.

Out of all management skills, this is the one modern companies seek out most.

Be mindful, however, not to let more superficially forceful characters conquer your position.

Lead Better and More Effectively in Just Two Days!

Mostly D's

You're smart enough to have figured out by now that your place is more likely to be in, rather than at the head of, the team.

You prefer to listen to ideas, not voice them.

You prefer to implement decisions rather than make them.

This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The world of work would not be sustainable if everyone led and no one followed.

You're a solid, reliable, loyal team player.

But be cautious, that in your acquiescence to others, you don't become sycophantic.

At times, be prepared to do things your own way.

Become a More Dynamic Leader in Just Two Days!

Thanks to Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe, professor of leadership studies at the University of Leeds; Dr Binna Kandola, occupational psychologist, a partner at Pearn Kandola; Nita Sharma, management consultant at Global Excellence; and Andrea Westall, director of Foundation for Entrepreneurial Management.

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