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Job Hunting. Giz a job mate.

Job hunting - a joy or a misery?

It's kind of like exams.

Job Hunting

Some people are extremely good at job hunting.

They know how to put together a readable, accessible CV; they are terrific at job interviews; they take advantage of every networking opportunity they come across.

Others can't seem to articulate, either on paper or during an interview and they falter at any networking situation either through shyness or lack of social skills.

Not A Reflection Of Your Ability

This thing is, how good or bad you are at job hunting isn't necessarily a good reflection of your skills and abilities in terms of the work that you do.

However, some people are terrific at taking exams and others freeze up, but unfortunately, if exams are the measure of getting ahead, then the freeze-uppers need to find a way to thaw.

Narrowing The Odds

Equally, if you're not ace at job hunting, then you need to find ways to narrow the odds in your favour even if you are uncomfortable doing it.

If you're not all that great at Curriculum Vitae writing, there are tons of Curriculum Vitae doctor-type organisations to help you put a good one together.

Friends And Family

But before you rush off and hire one, think about using friends and family to help craft an attractive resume.

They might have a more objective view of your skills and qualities than you do so it might be wise to let them loose and see what they come up with.

Tell Everyone

When you're job hunting it's good to tell just about everyone you know that the hunt is on.

You just never know who someone might know who knows someone else who might be looking for just the right candidate.

This is one time when it isn't such a good idea to give in to your shyness or embarrassment about telling people you're looking for a job.

Job For Life

Now that very few people have jobs for life anyway, there isn't any stigma about changing jobs or even changing careers.

Think of job hunting as a kind of game, rather than a matter of life and death (which, given our current climate, it may very well feel like it is).

Playing The Game

Parts of the game include:

  • Checking the want ads
  • Going online to see what's available (kind of like computer dating)
  • Signing up with recruitment agencies and headhunters
  • Writing letters on spec to companies that look attractive to you

Being Unemployed

Now, it has been said that it's easier to find a new job when you're already in employment.

All well and good if you actually have a job.

But what if you don't?

What if you've been long-time unemployed; where does that leave you?

Your Job Is Finding A Job

OK, here's an idea to get 'round that belief: imagine that your job is finding a job.

That may be hard to get your head around, but what if you woke up every day as though you were going to a job?

A Job with specific tasks and goals?

If you treat the process of job hunting as your job you will actually be in a better psychological place than feeling hang-dog and depressed about being out of work.

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