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One sure-fire way to miss out on a job is to show up at an interview dressed poorly.

If you do this, the hiring manager will have a bad first impression of you, and you will probably have a very difficult time overcoming it.

Showing up underdressed or with too many accessories on can put you in a bad light from the get-go.

It is important to remember that, regardless of what kind of position you are applying for, you need to dress professionally.

First off we will review some tips for women.

1. Remember to wear a conservative suit that is a solid colour

You may also want to consider wearing a common colour such as black, brown, or dark blue.

These colours will not make you stand out or draw attention.

Avoid wearing bright colours such as pink or orange.

2. Choose shoes that accommodate you well

If you are a bit short and would like to gain a couple of inches, feel free to wear high heels.

If you are self-conscious about your height, wear something that has a flat sole.

Remember to never wear sandals or tennis shoes.

3. Keep jewellery and accessories to a limit

There is no need to wear four bracelets and five earrings.

Show your professionalism by wearing a couple (one or two) classy accessories.

4. Do not overdo it on the makeup

Give your face a nice, natural look that people will enjoy looking at.

5. Bring a portfolio or briefcase with you that will contain anything that you may need

This will include work samples, extra resumes, and additional references.

Now for the men

1. Just like the women, wear a solid colour, conservative suit

Black, dark blue, brown, and grey are your best choices.

2. Regardless of recent trends, you will want to wear a long-sleeve white dress shirt

More and more people are going with coloured shirts, but for an interview, you will want to stay basic.

3. Keep your tie simple as well

If you are wearing a black suit with a white shirt, consider going with a solid black tie.

If you want something to spruce up your outfit, look into a brighter colour tie.

4. Many guys overlook their socks and shoes

Remember to wear socks that match your suit and shoes that are professional.

This article was contributed by Kent Jacobson

Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. "Mr. Success" is a trusted authority in the success field and provides valuable success information.

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