Induction Skills

Induction Skills Training

People troop in and are spoken at for anywhere from an hour to three days (or more!).

Elaborate PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and OHP acetates are the order of the day.

New employees can safely go to sleep, doodle, wonder if they've made the right choice, or simply ignore the information being given to them.

See, that's the key.

Engagement = Retention

Induction information is generally given, with minimal interaction, yet with the expectation that the whole lot will be retained.

If there's no interaction or engagement of the inductees there's an almost certain guarantee that most of it will not.

Purpose of Induction

As far as Impact Factory is concerned, the purpose of induction is not to give a whole lot of information on Health and Safety (though it's tremendously important that people know about it), the rules and regulations.

Rather, the purpose is to welcome new people and introduce them to the culture of the organisation.

Good Induction

A good induction should enable people to feel they've made the right decision and to help them start their new job committed, engaged and productive.

Most people start a new job partly excited and filled with anticipation, but also filled with a bubble of anxiety about what's in store.

Some have a big bubble, some a small, but most certainly there will be questions such as:

  • Will I fit in?
  • Am I up to the job?
  • Will people like me?
  • What if I make a fool of myself on the first day?
  • How do I work the coffee machine?
  • Is there a coffee machine?

Allaying Anxiety

Those anxieties need to be identified and allayed.

And that's done by ensuring people are working actively during the induction, not sitting passively being done to.

The more that you can engage people in the process of their own induction, the more successful it will be.

Your Induction Programme's job is to make them want to find out more about Health and Safety, etc., instead of sleeping through the most important bits.

The job of an induction programme is to make new employees want to show up the next day ready and eager.

Induction Skills Training

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