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Human Resources

Human Resources have changed enormously over the past decade.

Unfortunately, in the past, Human Resources has variously been known as Human Remains or Inhuman Relations and many people associated with Human Resources had an unjustly bad reputation.

Hiring And Firing

This was because Human Resources was often seen as the ones who did the hiring and firing, handled maternity leave, benefits and knew about employment law.

They were often seen as a kind of necessary not exactly evil, but something that had to be put up with.

Centralised Function

It was a layer created in larger organisations to centralise many functions and in some companies that layer seemed to distance employees from those further up the hierarchy.

Fortunately, in many organisations we work with, that's just no longer the case.

Hugely Valuable

Human Resources is seen as hugely valuable to the well-being of a company.

Human Resources Directors are usually included at Board level and contribute in ways they never did before.

Learning And Development

Learning and Development are often included under the Human Resources umbrella and new and essential development initiatives often come out of the Human Resources Department.

What we have noticed over the years, is that even in tougher economic climates, employees' whole wellbeing is important; how they develop, what support they need, how to get the best from everyone.

These days, with the skills and scope of these professionals, the Human is back in Human Resources!

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