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There are loads of people who get hired for or promoted to really good jobs because of their skills and capabilities.

Yet surprisingly six months later these same people are floundering and don't appear to be up to it all.

Get Them A Coach

You may be one of those people. Or indeed you may be someone who manages one of those people.

If you were a sports person, you'd know without thinking exactly what to do.

You'd have a coach who'd work with you on your fitness, your training regimens, your attitude, your goals.

Personal Trainer

You'd be supported by someone who had your best interests as a priority.

Even if you're not a sports person, you can hire a personal trainer at the gym to help you get in shape and motivate you to excel.

Support And Encouragement

Some people work for companies that have mentoring or coaching programmes for their employees, where they have good access to support and encouragement.

If you work for one of these companies you are lucky because most don't.

There are even people who although they may work for such a company, feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about asking for support internally, and so they go without.

Guidance And Motivation

But we all need guidance and motivation at different times in our lives.

Someone to 'coach' us into the corporate equivalent of swimming those extra laps or helping us make those crucial adjustments to our golf swing.

Impact Factory provides One to One Executive Coaching.

Good Coaching

Good coaching is unbiased, objective support that sees and identifies the best of your qualities and abilities and helps you develop them.

A good coach sees and identifies which hurdles are hard to get over and finds ways to get over them or circumvent them when appropriate.

Your Best Interests

Good coaching is someone on the sidelines who has your best interests as a priority.

Think of a coach as a guide; an adviser, someone on your side.


They should be loyal, interested, trusted and most importantly, experienced in areas that you may not be.

Your coach can be someone senior to you or on an equal footing, but who helps steer your career through both the good and the difficult times.

Long Term Strategy

They provide motivation and inspiration and help you find ways to deal with immediate difficulties as well as helping you plan a long-term career strategy.

In short, their job is not to do things for you, but to encourage you over and over again to have another go.

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