Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity

Surely if someone is Diverse (different than) then they are ipso facto not Equal to (the same as). And this is where the nub of the issue is.

By Equality, we mean "Of Equal Value"

Whether people want to admit or not, we are all prejudiced.

We all make assumptions about others that reinforce our stereotypes; indeed we look for evidence to support our biases.

We're all guilty of the occasional toss-away line that cuts deep, and we all have intolerant behaviours that are so ingrained we don't even notice we're doing them.

Bigotry happens, whether it's around race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or nationality.

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities, equality and diversity training has been created over the years to stop discrimination, some of it is successful and a lot of it not so successful.

Of course, it's important to look at current legislation, especially now the new Race and Employment Directives are coming into force.

But no law can truly get under the skin of how people feel and behave.

To do that you need to focus on examining people's attitudes, feelings and perspectives on equality, difference and diversity, on discrimination and harassment, on bullying and exclusion.

You need to grapple with your own prejudices and stereotypes and see how prejudice translates into active discrimination.

A true understanding of equality and diversity means that who a person is, is far more important than what they are.

The most successful diversity training helps people to develop reflective thinking, empathy, understanding, raising awareness, sensitivity, an understanding of consequences and a desire to be fair.

Skills that will assist them in extending equality of opportunity.

Skills that will also help them when they themselves are the victims of discrimination.

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