Keys to Providing Good Customer Service

Providing and Maintaining Good Customer Service

Once you have made the decision that you are going to start your own business, the one of the biggest factor that you must consider and make a commitment to, is providing and maintaining good customer service.

There are a lot of factors that you have to consider when thinking about a home-based business.

As you begin to put the pieces together for your home-based business, you will likely need to think about the time you will need to invest, relationships with family and friends will change, the financial challenge you will face in getting a new business started, etc.

These are just to name a few.

It is so important that you nourish your customers and make them feel that they count.

Your customer service is what makes you stand out above the rest and keeps your repeat business thriving.

Some key pointers to providing good customer service

Always respond quickly

A quick response shows that you are interested in the customer.

It could make the difference between closing a sale and losing a sale.

Be honest

Never lie to your customer.

If you are unable to meet the customer’s needs, be honest and tell the customer.

Comply with your company’s policies and rules

Make sure your customers have accessibility to the company’s policies related to shipping, pricing, and returns

Keep your customers informed

Keep your customers informed about the status of their order by email or phone.

This helps the customer know that when their order has been shipped or if there is a problem with the order.

Be Flexible

Always be willing to be flexible with the customer.

Sometimes this means compromising.

If you demonstrate that you are willing to show some flexibility you will not only make the customer happy but you will feel better about the outcome.

Be Consistent

Be ready to provide consistency and professionalism in your interactions with your customers.

Never be rude or dishonest even if you feel the customer is being unacceptable.

This article was contributed by Marjorie Malone

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