Creativity - Being Creative

Creative Strategic Thinking

'There's no such thing as Creativity; you just assemble what's already there.'
George Balanchine

Well, that may be fine for Mr Balanchine, he was a hugely creative man in a wonderful, stimulating environment, of course, it seemed easy to him.

But what happens when your neck is on the line?

Looming Deadline

What happens when a deadline is looming and it seems as though all eyes are on you to come up with the next creative strategy?

Well at that point even assembling what's already there can seem impossible.

On the other hand, the problem could be that you're stale.

Maybe you've done the same presentation over and over and your heart is no longer in it.

Or perhaps you're just writing the same old words but in a different order.

You're coming up with solutions but they just don't have that certain creative spark.

In general, creativity is a million miles away and all your ideas seem tired.

You feel uncreative and uninspired.


Creativity is Hampered by Rules

A lot of the time our creativity is hampered by the 'rules' we think we are supposed to operate by:

  • Be logical
  • Don't be messy
  • Be Structured
  • Get it right
  • Don't be foolish
  • Play is frivolous
  • Be practical
  • It must be relevant

The very concept of rules is pretty much antithetical to creativity and the creative process and yet we let them constrict us and limit what we allow ourselves to do creatively.

Put the Rules Aside

Creativity comes from laying aside the rules - even for just a little while.

If we can set aside the rules we have more of a chance to be creative to reach beyond logic and structure and get to the place of creativity where we can tap into our imaginations more easily.

This is the place where we store our sense of the ridiculous, our sense of being able to do the impossible and ultimately, our ability to see things differently and find new and usable solutions.

Then we can assemble what's already there and be creative.

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