Mis-Communication is the Norm

Communication Skills

Any work that tries to help people become better communicators, has to start from the view that miscommunication is normal

Just using the spoken word, look at the process that we go through to pass a simple idea from one person to another.

 First I have a thought, which I frame using my view of the world.

I translate that thought into language.

I then translate that language into a series of sound waves using my vocal cords.

These sound waves travel through the air until they hit your eardrum.

You then translate those sounds into recognisable symbols (words).

You interpret these words using a similar, but not identical language into an idea.

And finally, you reframe that idea using your view of the world.

The Miricle of Communication

That it happens at all is a miracle.

That it often happens so poorly is hardly surprising.

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