Communication Post Merger or Downsize

Communication Skills

Good communication is a key component of organisational effectiveness.

We send messages from individuals, groups, and organisations in order to influence, persuade, and motivate the attitudes and behaviours of others.

Workplace communication allows organisations to promote and coordinate personal or group action.

It helps foster positive interpersonal relationships and cultivates an atmosphere that is comfortable for today’s workforce.

Most mergers and acquisitions, or downsize begin in the planning stages are about dollars, cents and legal issues.

But after the lawyers and accountants complete the deal, it becomes very clear that mergers are about people.

Communication is the life-blood of a productive workplace and good relationships with customers.

Mergers and acquisitions wreak havoc on the normal flow of communication within a company.

Usually, in the early stages of a downsize or merger, everyone knows change is coming, but the direction is not always clear.

Employees suspect management knows a lot more than they are telling, especially if a downsize springs up without warning.

Employees become very suspicious and wonder if they will be downsized and when it might happen.

At this stage, employees feel threatened by change and stop sharing information because they do not know whom to trust.

At the same time, internal communication is ceased, just when it is needed most. This happens for a specific reason.

Management in the organisation must be discreet about the information they share; they may not know how many employees they will have to let go, or what positions will no longer exist.

When downsizing occurs, managers are often governed by lawyers and dictated by accountants or number-crunchers.

The number-crunchers are not involved in dealing with people or how to communicate with people.

They are merely interested in finding ways to cut back within the organisation since they are not involved with dealing with people, their choice of cut back is people.

If you have been downsized, losing your job hurts!

This is a variety of life-altering events, such as a death in the family, divorce, and serious illness.

Losing your job ranks among the highest in stress-causing situations. Job loss can have a profound effect on your emotional well-being.

There is a typical cycle that most people experience.

This cycle includes denial, anger, frustration, and eventually severe depression.

If you find yourself experiencing this, get help dealing with the emotional effects and the life-changing effects.

Clear and consistent communication enhances your personal communication; it is the fundamental building block of everything any human being can do.

This article was contributed by Lashun R. Aron

Lashun R. Aron, is professor for the School of Business, she is also a professor for the School of Education.

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