Communicate Through Body Language

Non-Verbal Communication

Consider a person very important to you.

He or she keeps on talking to the extent of boring you and make you feel like escaping from that place.

Pretend Listening

To prevent the annoyance or boredom showing on your face, you may use gestures, smiles and gazes to pretend that you are listening to that person!

It may even be an important business deal.

We call it a non-verbal way of communication or body language.

Communicate Interest

There are gestures, smiles and gazes that communicate to the other person how far we are interested in the conversation.

Gestures may be of different types.

Notice a person playing a dice game.

Signs of Excitement

When there is a positive sign of victory on his side, he gets more excited and rubs his palms fast.

Then he throws the dices. Similarly, a salesperson knows when his customer is responsive.

Hand-to-cheek gesture or hand-to-chin gesture from the person shows his disinterest and the salesman realises that the customer is not interested in his presentation.

Observing Gestures

A speaker can feel the pulse of his audience when speaking by observing their gestures.

Slapping one’s own forehead indicates the person’s forgetfulness.

Gazes go a long way in communicating with each other.

Gestures form the eyes help to communicate between lovers!

Gazes Meeting

When a person’s gaze meets yours for more than two-thirds of the time, it can mean one of two things

1. Interest

First, he or she finds you very interesting or appealing, in which case the gaze will be associated with dilated pupils.

2. Hostility

Secondly, he or she is hostile towards you and may be issuing a non-verbal challenge, in which case the pupils will become constricted.


Smile your way into someone heart they say!

There are 50 or so different types of human smiles.

By analysing the movements of facial muscles involved in smiling, researchers can tell when a smile is true.

Fake Smiles

Look for the crinkle in the skin at the middle, outside corner of the eyes and if it is not there, the smile is probably fake.

Authentic smiles are smiles that change rapidly from a small facial movement to a broad open expression.

Signs of Deception

Bodily cues and vocal cues sometimes show signs of deceptions.

In our day-to-day encounters with others, foot, pointing, body pointing and positive gesture clusters such as open arms, visible palms, leaning forward, head tilting and smiling can make it easy for others not only to enjoy your company but to be influenced by your point of view

Learn the body language and succeed in winning over others!

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