Change Fatigue

Change Management Skills

In a survey, a group of office workers were asked to list in order of severity what might cause them stress in their work environment.

Top of the list was... 'Changing their office chair'.

Change is stressful however small that change might appear and happens faster and faster these days.

Learn How to Cope With Change Quickly and Easily!

Change Fatigue At Work

For instance, those in the business of trying to establish, and maintain client relationships there is growing sense that if a contact is in the job longer than six months, we're really grateful.

We get the feeling in our daily dealings with clients of "will somebody please stop the world for a while so we can all catch our breath"

It can take months of gentle digging away to reveal a fruitful relationship with a potential client, for it all to come to screeching halt after a 'rationalisation' occurs and we're back to square one.

Understand How Change Affects People and How to Help Them!

Change Fatigue In Our Personal Lives

Change in our personal lives can also cause a major upset, in turn, spilling into our work lives.

So how do we develop strategies to lessen the impact of imposed change on our lives?

How can we get on with delivering the message when the message, product or service keeps shifting?

So here's a way of looking at the subject from another point of view.

Devise and Manage a Change Programme so That it Sticks!

Change Is Usually Bigger Than You

Circumstance, seniority or both generally impose it, so it's more often than not, a matter of take it or leave it.

Our frustration about imposed change occurs because no one consulted us about it, we were not asked to buy into it.

If we're not careful we get into the stamping our feet because we don't want to go to bed syndrome.

(Parents and babysitters will know that one.)

Learn How to Cope With Change Quickly and Easily!

Negotiating Change

The only way through this type of change is to negotiate with yourself and any others affected.

Relief will come after either you choose to accept and commit to the change or, take the decision to move on.

We all live lives full of change, it seems to be part of the human condition, blame the Victorians and the industrial revolution...

I always do!

Understand How Change Affects People and How to Help Them!

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