Behaviour Change

Changing Behaviour

If only so and so would just change then everything would be so much easier.

You wish.

But this is still one of the biggest 'if only's' we come across when working with people.

Being able to change another's viewpoint, or your own for that matter can be no small thing.

However, changing someone's behaviour is another thing altogether.

If you want to change the other persons' behaviour, a good beginning might be to start seeing things from their perspective.

Once you discover how they see the picture you can explain your case using their terms of reference.

We've worked out that to the most effective way to change someone else's behaviour is to modify your own.

It's not rocket science, but it is still difficult.

The reason it can be difficult is that many of us aren't comfortable with the suggestion that we might have to change in order to move things forward.

Generally speaking, we like ourselves the way we are and it might feel like we're somehow giving away more than we'll potentially get back in return.

Small Behaviour Change - Big impact

We tend to think in terms of the problem being with them and therefore the initiative or investment should also come from them.

But here's the thing...

We're not asking for mammoth, wholesale and irretrievable change from which you will never recover and be unrecognisable to your parents, friends and pets.

On the contrary. Our motto is:

"Make the smallest change you can, to make the biggest impact".

Think of it more like jujitsu, where you tend to use a minimum of energy to allow the other person to throw himself or herself to the ground.

We'll be asking you to work with characteristics you already possess but may not yet be aware of, in order to effect change around you.

If you'd like to discover how you could do that, give us a call and we'll be only too glad to help.

And just think how much easier if you really can get so and so to change the way they behave.

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