Change Management

Change Is A Constant Thing In Life

Change is also, for the most part, good for you.

Too much change, however, can be a bad thing for everyone involved.

But on the other hand, we do need change to keep us stimulated and creative.

And we also need stability and routine to make us feel safe.

A bit contradictory, no?

How much we have or whether it's good or bad for us is irrelevant; far more important is how we deal with and cope with change.

There are easy and difficult changes; change that we choose and change that's imposed.

For instance: you decide to reallocate jobs within your department for the sake of efficiency: it seems easy to do, you chose it and after a bedding-in period things settle down and work continues.

Change seems OK and easy to cope with.

When Change Has Been Imposed

What happens if after you've done all that, your company decides that for the sake of efficiency they're going to make half your department redundant and you have to make it all work?

In this instance, change has been imposed, you didn't choose it, it's disruptive and there are a lot of people's emotions to deal with.

This change isn't OK and it doesn't feel so easy to cope with at all.

But the odd thing is, for others, it could be just the opposite!

They like the status quo as it is and see no need to change it, but when changes come from on high, these people are quite happy to go along with imposed decisions and they cope easily with any manner of disruptive change.

The tricky thing about change is knowing how you are with it, what coping mechanisms you need to have in place, and how to facilitate change for the people around you.

And the most important thing to remember about change is that in any situation, communication, interaction, the only person you can change is you.

However much you might wish that someone or something else would change to make your life better, it isn't going to happen.

Change is inevitable and it can be good.

We can't always control change, but we can certainly do a great deal more to be in charge of it.

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