Body Language - The Power of Eye Contact

Body Language

It often seems that some of the things we talk about in our sessions are very simple and may seem glaringly obvious.

Like the importance of eye contact for instance.

Conscious Choices

But it's really about putting our conscious attention on these matters realising that we have choices that affect other people.

For example, when we are in a meeting, at a networking event or even giving a presentation, it's quite easy not to look at someone who we deem, for some reason, scary or intimidating.

Removing Eye Contact

When you take your eye contact away from someone, it does affect them.

How do you feel when someone doesn't look at you?

It can trigger all sorts of thoughts ranging from...

"they lack confidence"

"they are lying"

"they must be shy"


"they don't value me as they are not looking at me"

Unintended Feelings

None of which may be helpful to you or what you intended them to feel.

When you are talking to people it's really important to include everyone in your eye contact.

by Sara Jordon

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