On being right - Train The Trainer

Train the Trainer

Robin is a Founding Partner at Impact Factory. He is the driving force behind all the training and programme design at Impact Factory.

On being right - Train The Trainer

by Robin Chandler

I am right about stuff

It's true, there are some things which I just know about, have experience of and understand.

Now this puts me and all those of you who also know they are right, in a difficult position.

I can, if I wish, impose my "rightness" on others.

I can, more realistically, go about "proving" my rightness to others.

Or I can take the easier, more profitable route of allowing others their "rightness" too.

Let me spell out what I mean

At Impact Factory we have hundreds of exercises and processes which we use to help people improve the way they communicate.

Now since I created many of them I "know" how they work.

We also have dozens of brilliant people here who deliver these processes and exercises on a daily basis.

So, my choice is either to train all of these incredibly talented people to deliver each exercise and process in the same exact way that I would deliver it.

The Result

Result; identically delivered processes and exercises with the heart and soul of a slug.

Or, still keeping to my "rightness" about the delivery of the said exercises and processes as a personal thing, I can pursue with my colleagues their sense of rightness about the way they are delivering them.

Result; though identical on paper, each exercise and process gets delivered individually, with a flair, passion and commitment that I would never have got by insisting on "correct" delivery from all.

Guess which way I work now?

I just try to make us all right, alright?

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