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Many skills are admired and sought by individuals who want to progress in an organisation. But one which would make them more effective in an organisation is usually treated indifferently, by the individual and the organisation.
Project Management - The theatre's been booked, the marketing done, the tickets sold: the curtain must go up on a certain date at a certain time. How to Manage a Project!
I often run into companies who ask the simple question, "Why can't we get our act together? Why does Project Management routinely fail in our company?"
Project management as the name suggests is the task of setting and achieving targets while optimising the use of different resources such as time, money, people, materials, energy, space etc. over the course of a project.
Seek to empower workers and make them more responsible for their actions. Promotes more management and less supervision. Under the MPM concept, the individual is expected to act professionally and supervise themselves.
Although this document concentrates on work-related projects, anything suggested in this context can (and 'should') be used in just about any project you've got on the boil.