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Your challenge as a parent, manager or small business owner is how to keep people motivated to perform their assignments.
Whether you are an employer, manager, teacher or parent, we are all at some stage keen to get answers to the age old question of How to motivate others?
Motivation is one of those vague catchall words that mean completely different things to different people.
Motivation - How to get away from that self destructive "lazy" feeling and get back to a normal motivated self.
Follow your dream - so what are your dreams? And what is preventing you from realising them? Some ideas from Impact Factory on dreaming with feet still on the ground.
You can change your attitude even quicker than you can change your shoes. That can change your entire day and the day of those that have to deal with you.
The majority of people in teams and organisations throughout the world are severely underutilised. Your team have probably more to offer in terms of skill, knowledge and experience.
Why? Because we've always done it that way.
How do you inspire confidence and innovation in an organization that appears to be in freeze mode?