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This article outlines the case that Counselling Skills are essential to good training.
A cogent argument for good development programmes. It looks at addressing the needs of the individual and the groups being trained as well as the business needs.
Experiential training program aims to get more women leaders in top management positions.
Having the experience is so much more vital than listening to someone talk about having an experience.
To call Impact Factory a training company doesn't do it justice. We are consultants and training creatives, designing workshops, courses and events and ensuring their delivery to the client's satisfaction.
Making a Plan for the Impossible looks at changing the Current View of the Situation to a Better View of the Situation which is 10 times as good as the Current View!
The story of how two people founded an organisation that changed the way we think about training.
Sometimes we have to put together a programme and deliver it within a very short timescale - this article looks at one recent example.
It is difficult to find organisations that would say, "We find that training has little impact on our bottom line year on year".
Find out what makes professional personal development work at Impact Factory so different from run of the mill 'sheep dip' training.