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Designing strong technical solutions often is not enough to achieve success. Success is often based on influence, and influence is built on communication skills, increasing trust and avoiding common pitfalls.
If you communicate with someone in a superior position, begin by indicating that you are completely willing to comply with their expressed wishes.
Influencing can be convincing your boss you deserve a raise, inspiring your team to finish a project, cajoling a colleague to do a presentation for you, getting someone to see your point of view in order to have their support at a meeting.
Influencing others is a skill, an art without which working in today's professional workplace is very difficult. This article introduces ideas about what can be done to make yourself a more effective influencer.
Persuasion, when done correctly creates change at a physiological, psychological and biological level in the person you are persuading.
Good influencing is an active process. It’s a confidence and willingness to use your skills to make things happen and get buy-in for your ideas, projects and goals. Here are some hints and tips to help you become a star influencer.
This is a common question we get asked, “how can I possibly influence someone when I have no authority over them?”. And our answer: the same way you would if you did have authority over them. Really, that’s not as glib as it sounds; what we mean is that what you have to adjust is what goes on in your head because what goes on in your head will influence your body language, what you say, how you react and what your expectations are.
We are all influenced by people, places, events and situations at all times. This article lays out how influencing works and what can be done to make yourself a more effective influencer.