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The key is to find out which type of training best fits your needs. One type of training tool that is good for many kinds of businesses is using video training.
This article argues that every member of your company should train to be an active listener.
Six steps that you can take to continue to raise your own standards of excellence in customer service.
But how can you turn a satisfied customer into a loyal one?
Too often we see Customers as a nuisance, as difficult, even as incidental to the business.
One of the most important keys to developing a successful business is practising good customer relationship marketing.
Empowerment exists when employees have the authority to make decisions and take appropriate actions without first seeking approval from others.
You can spend a fortune on having someone come and tell you how to deliver customer service, or you can do much more, for much, much less. There are three easy steps.
Quality Customer Service is attitude. Whatever you do, do it with a positive attitude.
Because we experience so much customer service that annoys us, and even insults us, finding someone who truly cares about customers lifts our spirits.
A personal experience of customer service in Greece.
As we move forward into a truly service driven economy it's beginning to dawn on us that it's really service care economy.
Everyone makes a difference. For a company's advertising strategy to work, it has to be handled not only corporately but also individually.
Customer Service perspective is something most customers think is an oxymoron. The very idea of actually serving a customer seems to go against the grain for many of our big service companies.
Most of us have had dealings with the customer service people of this world at some point or another. Our chances are mighty high that we're going to be disappointed.
Here are 10 Tips for Delivering Good Customer Service in today’s fast-food world.
As business owners have you ever considered how you act as a customer will reflect on your own business?
Most interactions with displeased customers were not the result of a poor product, but rather a disappointing customer experience. Why is that?
Handling difficult customers can be challenging, but it's well worth mastering the negotiation skills required to win their loyalty.
A couple of basic ideas that will move the needle faster than any training course can.
When you start your own business, the biggest factor that you must consider and make a commitment to, is providing and maintaining good customer service.
Signs speak a language of their own. They tell us where we are, where to go and how to get there.
Every company that gives lip service to customer service but doesn’t really deliver it opens up opportunities for those few company that actually do practice extraordinary customer service.
Ten Top Tips for better customer service.
They want you to be authentic and clear so that what you advertise is what they get.