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Behind every interview question there is a concern or another question. Learn to decipher those basic questions.
'Be yourself' is advice given on just about every Interview Skills course, book, website, career advice column, etc.
Common Interview Questions are easy...Be prepared for these crazy interview questions can make you trip, slip, fumble, and bumble...
Here's what Curriculum Vitaes (or as they are called in the States, resumes) are good for: getting you the interview
Downsizing; for some it's a lifestyle choice, but for most of us it means the organisation we work for is no longer vibrant and outward looking, but hunkered down and fearful for it's own survival.
What Does it Mean to be Employed? Employment is not just about having a job. Employment means a great deal more to most people; community, friends, a sense of purpose, self esteem and much more.
Making a Good First Impression really does count for a lot, however it is possible to retrieve the situation and leave them with a last impression that's just as powerful.
Headhunters don't just go out to find someone to fit a job. No headhunters make it their business to know who is out there achieving above the norm. So if you want to be hunted, raise your profile.
12 strategic questions so that you can formulate winning interview answers.
Human Resources is not just about hiring and firing people. It's also about people's development, well-being and level of support in the company they devote much of their waking hours to.
One sure-fire way to miss out on a job is to show up at an interview dressed poorly.
Interview Dress Code - At a job interview there is no set dress code, but the closer you can get to the company feel the better off you will be.
What Interview Questions should you expect to be asked and how should you prepare for them?
Job Hunting - Thinking of Job Hunting as a job in itself can transform the way you approach getting a job and your feelings about yourself as a jobless person.
Hints and interview tips on CVs, job interview questions, interview technique and advice to get the job you want.
You'll hear all sorts of rules about job interviews and interview technique. But getting the job you want isn't about following rules.
Nervous Energy - If you begin to shift your thinking that nervous energy is your friend and not your enemy, you can use it to your advantage in a Job Interview.
A euphemism for 'You're Fired'; or real help for employees who are surplus to requirements? Well it all depends on who is outplacing you.
Be careful what you outsource. Our entire web content is developed 'in-house' as we are the only people who really know what we do.
Are you waiting to be promoted? Or are actively seeking promotion? People are rarely promoted from a position of passivity.
Qualifications are important, but many companies believe relevant life experience and a healthy attitude to learning and development are as, if not more important than shiny qualifications.
Recruitment is all about the fit. Both sides need to feel good about the idea of working together and that can only happen through a painstaking process of weeding out the almost good enough.
You are being made redundant. It's absolute. It's guaranteed. Your life is now going to change. Redundancy can be a curse or a blessing, but it certainly won't be boring.
What does your Resume say about you? Is it a list of everything you've ever done, or is it an entertaining glimpse of the real person behind the qualifications?
Self Deprecation used sparingly can help give an impression of modesty, but if over used will quickly test peoples patients.
Self Disclosure can make you more approachable, welcoming and interesting. When used judisiously during a job interview, personal disclosure will give the interviewer a more rounded picture of who you really are.
Distinguishing yourself from the pack will give you an edge. A little work before the interview will put some zip in your pitch.
By preparing and researching ahead of time, you can feel more empowered in the salary negotiation process of a job interview.
Be aware of your verbal and non-verbal performance and the messages you are sending. It could make the difference between a job offer or not.
Interviews are always enlivened when you have a few good anecdotes up your sleeve.
So you've answered all the interviewers questions, but what exactly should you be asking them?
Have you ever been fired from a job? Use these winning job interview answers to beat this tough question and get hired into the job you want.