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One of the behaviours I have been advocating for many years for managers is that they carefully and routinely evaluate the areas where they have made progress and where they have not.
This article presents innovative uses of board games in management training, and demonstrates the power of this technique with some example games.
Consider the following scenarios for potential problems in your workplace, problems that could be resolved with the right management training.
To be competitive in the global market arena requires training and development of your greatest resource - Your People.
Organisations promote people assuming that if they have performed well at one job, they'll likely perform well at the next one.
Management Training - There you are, you've aspired to be a manager, you got the promotion.....and then what?
Learn ways to get the biggest bang from your training dollars.
One of the hardest professional moves to make is that from Workmate to Manager.
Unless you live on an island populated only by yourself, you interact with people every day of your life. Therefore, you are continually 'Managing' the people you know and meet.
It's often just taken for granted by senior managers in an organisation that managers will have the "natural" skills to motivate, coach, give feedback and get the best out of their people.
Providing appropriate and ongoing training assists in maintaining the high quality of their work and output.
Training prepares Managers to delegate, motivate, influence, coach, communicate, recognise and strategies.
Training Your Staff: 13 Things EVERY Employee Should Learn