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If you find yourself or your colleagues in a position where the 'Media' wants you. You may find this document helpful.
An effective media relations program does not end with an interview. Rather it is important to then monitor and evaluate the interview's effectiveness to gain a greater understanding of the media for greater personal and professional gain.
When the media comes calling, savvy executives know it's not time to 'wing it'. Media Trainers are in the business to prepare executives and public figures for the media spotlight.
Want press coverage for your business? Then training individuals charged with speaking to reporters is critical. Learn five benefits of media training in this article.
Media management has become one of the strategic tools for managers and leaders to drive marketing opportunities, communicate key messages, achieve social change or influence Government.
Dealing with the Media - Interviewers and Journalists - can be quite daunting for the uninitiated.
You can get media attention for your product, your company or your ideas. Gain visibility through media outreach by learning the basics of what the media needs.
When being interviewed by media, it is tempting to do a `brain dump,' and give them as much information as you can.
Dealing with the media often requires organisation and skills. All office professionals require different levels of media training. Here are ten tips to train your staff in media relations.
Are you winning the media game? Is your message getting across through the media? Discover how to be better at dealing with the media, especially doing TV interviews.
Just about anyone who has been in the public eye has a story of the media interview that went south.
What's the first thing you think of when the media contacts you? If you say, "Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame," you'd be surprisingly close.
Media training prior to dealing with the media is essential for business leaders, executives and company spokespersons.
A reporter's job is to get the most accurate and interesting story he or she can.