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Here are some guidelines for communicating using technology in an effective manner.
Will Companies Like Apple Eliminate Employees' Ability To Email? Although Apple is a big company that's at the forefront of technological advances, it would seem there's one technical advance that heads of other companies are beginning to wish had never been made available to their employees-email.
Communication by Email can be hugely liberating or deeply frustrating depending on peoples understanding of the limitations and constraints of the medium.
Here are some very important tips you will want to know -- ten ways to be respectful and courteous to your receiver -- before you respond to another email.
Digital copywriting is carried out keeping in mind two audiences: search engines and prospective human visitors
Starting digital copywriting in mid-action is a time-honoured technique used by many successful fiction writers to open the first chapter of a novel with a "bang." Give a lecture and people will fall asleep. Tell a good ripping story and they'll listen wide awake.
Communication by video conference can raise one or two unforeseen difficulties.