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Humans are creatures of Habit and Pattern; it's how we survive. That's why Behavioural Changes are sometimes difficult things for us to deal with positively.
With many organisations facing continuous change our most common reaction is an ostrich like attempt to try to keep our heads down until it's all over.
Change is a constant. Change is good for you. Too much change is bad for you. Impact Factory's thoughts on change.
Change is inevitable, but with good advice, it can be made more palatable and more effective. Try some of our hints and tips to help you manage change more effectively.
This is a helpful document for those of you Dealing With Change issues at home or in your work life. It tries to help you think about Change Management as something you can work with rather than be the victim of
There is a very easy way to ensure that there is structure and content that make it very easy for managers at all levels to follow when dealing with organisational change.
How do you ensure employees and their managers have got the message and truly understand the reasons for the new system implementation.
There is a lot of talk about "change" - how important it is, how we should alter the way we do to things at work and in our personal lives in order to be more effective.
All progress is the result of change. But not all change is progress. Some changes don't make any sense.
How to prepare yourself for change and not let change overwhelm or stress you out. Take control of the aspects of your job that are within your span of control and adopt the "It's about personal survival" attitude.