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Understanding how Coaching and Mentoring works, benefits of using a Coach or Mentor, Hints and Tips on using one and being one.
This article outlines the reasons for introducing Coaching and Mentoring and how you can go about doing this in your company.
This article looks at finding and developing a useful relationship with a Coach or Mentor.
Five principles that should be clarified at the outset of the leadership coaching process.
An outline of Impact Factory's practical approach to Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Mentoring for yourself or colleagues.
The importance of executive coaching, why executive coaching services are expanding, how best to use an executive coach.
How to handle the challenge when you talk to someone who either does not have a lot to say or who is naturally shy.
Should you consider Coaching as a replacement for traditional Training?
Life Coaching has probably grown more than almost any other 'soft skills' training in recent years. Why this rise? To start, people are looking to Life Coaches to help them create a better Work-Life Balance.
Why Mentoring? Many people think that when they're hired to do a job, particularly if it's a well paid and/or high flying job, they're supposed to know everything, be able to handle everything with ease.
Why, despite the competition for our time and energy, being a mentor is one of the best things you can do.
Coaching is frequently sought by top performers whose organisations value their management and growth potential. Yet, sometimes leadership coaching programs just don't work. Why?
Every organisation that intends to survive in the re-engineered environment which arrived with the new millennium must respond to those realities.
Seven tips to help you expedite the hiring process and secure a coach that will truly help double your results.