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Use with caution!! This could change your life (or at least make you think about it a lot). Reconnect with your real desires for 2006 and remember that Impact Factory is more than just work.
Jo Ellen Grzyb explores her own past as a 'loser magnet' with men and shares how she became less nice, less magnetised and much happier.
A look at how to make Personal Development really about you, rather than someone else's idea of how you should develop.
If you stay the same, never change, stay fixed and inflexible, it's unlikely you're doing much personal development.
Do you have any idea how to measure your success? Money, power, paying off debts, raising children and so on. All of these are factors to as a success equation.
Are you so distracted with life that you have time to pay attention to what you want in life? Can you even remember what you want any more?
Proactive people make things happen. Passive people have things happen to them.
'Don't put off until tomorrow...'. Somehow turns into 'Don't do today (or even tomorrow) that which you could possibly put off till forever'. And if we have such busy lives (as we increasingly seem to have), we don't really have time to Procrastinate, do we?
How to keep good Professional Development more about your Development rather than how other people would like you to be.
Spreading yourself too thin can result in nothing getting finished. You put in shed loads of work, but still get no pay off. Why?
This goal setting article will help you move past your limitations and focus your energies on your highest goals.
When organisations invest in their people, their people will invest in them with their commitment, loyalty, professionalism and abilities. Soft Skills CPD equips individuals with the kind of skills that benefit everyone.
Adults, with eyes to see, can learn so much about success in life from children. Children have a fresh uncluttered approach to life, and have a clarity and perception that we often lose as adults.
Use the Lincoln technique yourself. First, write down your thought. Second, oversimplify it and three, connect the dots.
Attitudes towards working life have changed considerably as well and there is an appreciation that if people are going to be spending a huge chunk of their lives at work, then work needs to give them more.
Every action you take supports something, some result. The question is - are you taking the actions that support the results you would rather have in your life?