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'I'm fine; there's nothing wrong with me.' Difficulties in the Workplace, difficulties at home, stress getting too much to handle.
Most people want to feel useful in their lives. They want to feel as though they are making a contribution of some kind.
Positive Attitude, Feedback, Acknowledgement, Affirmation; whatever you call it there are some very good reasons to tell people what works about them.
We hear the term 'proactivity' or the phrase 'we need our people to be more pro-active' a lot these days. But what the hell does it actually mean?
'Don't put off until tomorrow...'. Somehow always turns into 'Don't do today (or even tomorrow) that which you could possibly put off till forever'. And if we have such busy lives (as we increasingly seem to have), we don't really have time to procrastinate, do we?
Most people measure their Self Esteem through externals: did I get a Good Appraisal, did I get the raise I asked for, do my colleagues think I'm a Team Player, did I get Praised by my manager?