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I'm sorry to have to say it, but Business Cards are boring.
Business Networking - and there was a man standing there on his own with a small albino pig under his arm?
A look at the contentious issue of Networking in Business and how you might use your Personal Style to best accomplish what you set out to do at Networking Events.
Part of the process of getting a job starts with networking...by establishing contacts with people who may be in a position to hire you or refer you to someone who is in the position of hiring... you!
Companies spend thousands upon thousands of pounds getting their Exhibition stands, conferences and roadshows to look absolutely brilliant.
This step by step strategy will help you turn networking contacts into great business connections.
Networking is a conscious, planned effort to get the most of quick encounters, in brief time periods, and to develop a lasting mutual relationship.
Alliances and partnerships will allow your company to grow and expand. Plus you will gain new clients and customers when you network. Where can you network?
Analysing the various types of groups you will find in a networking situation and how to treat them.
Networking is something many of us resist doing because we think of it as something only pushy or aggressive people do.
I am about to share with you something that I talk to people about a lot. It is focused networking.
Networking has always been an important process in the business world, allowing people from the same industry to meet and exchange ideas.
Take a look a type of networking group - the Chambers of Commerce.
Networking is about building relationships and mutual interaction benefiting both parties. Being proactive and following up, you can have a network of contacts that you will be able to access quickly when you need them.
What kinds of results do you get from networking? Find out how to make your networking results go exponential.
Networking events are about building relationships and not about seeing how many business cards you can acquire. Here are our top tips for turning a nightmare scenario into one that might even be fun!
Trade shows are among the most common ways for people that are interested in networking.