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Assertiveness is a method of communication that lets others know your ideas and feelings, while respecting their feelings as well...
Gentle assertiveness is founded on tolerance and respect for others. It entails the need for envisaging the possibility that others may have good reasons to see things differently.
Here's some useful guidelines to ensure your successful use of an assertive communication style.
Assertive Communication: 20 Helpful Tips Twenty strategies and approaches to get your needs met in the most effective manner. AssertivenessTwenty strategies and approaches to get your needs met in the most effective manner.
Five simple, useable tips to help any unassertive person straight away!
Impact Factory has been running programmes on 'The Art of Saying No' for nearly eight years and we are often asked what the difference is between our work and assertiveness training.
Successful Assertiveness Training. When you know you are supposed to "just shut up and listen," and you really want to get your point across, you have options. Follow these steps to reclaim your own power.
Assertiveness Hints and Tips When you aren’t feeling particularly assertive, it’s best to try something simple that you’ll remember, rather than trying to become a completely different person.
A recent story of assertiveness in South Africa.
Changing what we do can be difficult indeed; changing people's perception of what we do is a whole lot easier.
Just say no! If only being assertive were as easy as traditional assertiveness training makes out.
An assertive manager is an effective manager. In order to properly run your team, you must be able to communicate well. Being assertive allows managers to delegate responsibility and get tasks completed on time.
Too nice for your own good? Find out with this assertiveness quiz.
Assertiveness is a skill that can be learnt. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of these techniques hinges on the ability to know the other person, both in terms of thinking process and emotional response.
It can be rather daunting to think that in really difficult and stressful situations Assertiveness is the best approach.
This document outlines a practical approach Saying No. Without actually using the word you can develop the ability to resist or sidestep being manoeuvred into doing something you really don't want to do.
Do you have a reputation as the "Nice Girl" or "Nice Guy"? Are you expressing yourself assertively? Here are three questions to ask to find out.
Assertive discipline advice on how to develop assertive behaviour when people cross boundaries personally and professionally.
Being assertive means you have to find those things you know you can do when you don't actually feel assertive.
If you want to be more confident, positive and cooperative in your approach to others, and if you wish to improve your ability to influence, then assertiveness is a must.
Assertiveness Training It is interesting that many people still confuse being assertive with being aggressive. How about you? Have you learnt the difference? A quick guide to assertiveness going for the win-win result.
Assertiveness Training not Anger. Sometimes, our efforts to show our assertiveness cross the line and we end up coming across as rude, aggressive or downright belligerent.
Assertiveness Training and Influence. This article deals with the 'Perceived Assertive Behaviour', exploring ways to influence the way others perceive your message. This is done through speaking to the unconscious mind and evoking wanted associations.
Learn to distinguish aggressive from assertive behaviour and know when assertive behaviour should be utilised. You will become a new and courageous person.
Being assertive is a means of putting your point or opinion across while maintaining a respect for another's point of view. The aim being to ideally achieve a solution that meets your needs and those of another - a healthy compromise.
The idea that some of us are born more confident than others is false. We are all born confident. That means you can re-capture your true birthright, which is to be the naturally assertive person you really are.
Workplace bullying takes many forms, but two in particular stand out that happen in the workplace
At Impact Factory we often talk about making work a better place to be. That's part of the central foundation of our ethos. We know full well that bullying is one of the key things that makes work a horrible place to be.