Interview Skills Coaching

Individual Interview Skills Coaching Sessions

If you have an upcoming interview, polishing your skills with an in-depth one to one coaching session could very well make the difference between success and failure.Individual Interview Skills Coaching Sessions

These Sessions Deal with Issues Such as:

  • Handling your Nerves
  • Managing the Interview Arena
  • Knowing what Questions to ask
  • What to do when you Feel Wrong-Footed
  • What to do when your Mind goes Blank
  • Becoming a Good Storyteller
  • Whether the Company is Right for You


Whether you are going for a new job, a promotion or even have to interview for a job you already have, working with one of Impact Factory's Interview Skills experts will give you enthusiasm, energy, clarity and above all confidence to give the best possible interview.

The coaching is specifically for people who have an important interview coming up.

Our one to one interview skills coaching sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of getting the job.

We will look at all the ways that you personally can maximise the chances of succeeding at interview.

An Interview Skills Coaching Session will Cover

  • All the factors that affect your interview situation
  • Preparing an impactful personal statement
  • Raising your awareness of the impression you make and how to change it
  • Different sorts of questions and how to deal with them

The session is designed specifically for you and the job you're after, so it may contain any or all of the above and more.

Whilst we are often comfortable considering our many faults and mistakes, not many of us are that comfortable singing our own praises.

To succeed at an interview we are expected to present our very best side and take credit for our achievements - both as an individual and part of a group.

This is what our interview coaching session can do for you.

Help you blow your own trumpet without blowing the job!

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Interview Skills Coaching

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There is a 20% discount on all Early Bird and Late Bookings. The course must be paid for at the time of booking.

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