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Influencing to Get Your Own Way

influencing skills training

Let's face it there are times when all of us need to influence people so that they see things slightly differently, or to get them to do something we need them to do.

There are also times when we're influencing people because we need to negotiate conditions, timings or price and here it can also be vital to be able to get what you want.

Most people's jobs require them to influence at work a lot of the time.

The best influencers require good interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to get other people to want to give their support.

The best negotiators are subtle, fair and know what to give away, when to make demands and how to compensate when there are difficulties.

Our Influencing Skills Training gives people an understanding of the dynamics of influencing people.

They will learn how to expand their sphere of influence

And have the opportunity to practise a variety of tools and techniques.

Our programmes are tailored specifically to each group and are designed to help delegates acquire the skills to become Excellent Influencers and Negotiators.

Influencing is one of the key areas of skills development we are asked to provide more than any other of our programmes.

Influencing takes all shapes and forms and is no longer confined to the most logical areas of businesses: marketing, PR, Directors and Senior Managers.

Now, people throughout a company are expected to add influencing skills to their areas of expertise, not always so successfully.

There may be groups of people in your company who need to gain more understanding in how to adapt and better use their own influencing style to suit different (and possibly challenging) situations that arise in their day to day operations.

You may have people in various departments who have to influence others where they have no direct 'authority'.

These 'others' are probably people busy on their own projects and may not even have a vested interest in helping, but equally could be key to getting things done.

Our influencing skills work gives people the tools to expand their 'spheres of influence' to take these very issues into account.

As people's roles change and expand within organisations, so their influencing skills need to expand as well.

This can often undermine their confidence because there are now new demands on their capabilities in addition to the expertise they were hired for.

If you have people in your company who are now being asked to influence both external and internal customers in ways they never had to before, then giving them a solid grounding in 'persuasiveness' will give them the confidence and the tools that they need.

Tailored specifically to each group our Influencing Skills Training Programmes are designed to help delegates develop as successful, professional influencers.

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Influencing Skills Training

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