Impact Factory's Brochures

Our emphasis is on increasing confidence and developing usable, relevant skills.

We work really hard to be relevant and practical, and our expertise lies in 20 years’ experience training an enormously varied range of clients.

Our work enhances and enriches the personal professional development of thousands upon thousands of individuals.



Impact Factory General Brochure

A general guide to Impact Factory. This covers who we are, what we do and how we do it.

You'll find a section on our core principles and a look at the full range of our training offerings.



Open Courses

Impact Factory Guide for Open Courses

A guide to Impact Factory's CPD Accredited Open Courses that are held at the Islington Angel training rooms in London.

Find out how Impact Factory can help you implement Continuing Professional Development within your organisation.




Public Sector

Impact Factory Brochure for Public Sector

Impact Factory creates powerful programmes for the public sector to help with a variety of issues such as Customer Care, Change Management, Line Management, Leadership, Assertiveness and Conflict Management, amongst many others.

Having worked with central and local government, police forces, fire brigades and a host of government agencies, we feel we have an in-depth understanding of the day to day concerns of people who work in the public sector.