Presentation with Impact

Presentation with Impact

Five Day Intensive Presentation Skills Programme for Business

Presenting – Pitching – Influencing – Storytelling – Persuading – Engaging – Motivating – Leading – Enrolling – Inspiring – Making the Complex Simple

Presentation with Impact Course

Come to London for the presentation experience of a lifetime. This is not just another course: we go out of our way to take care of you. We will give you an immersive and experiential five days that you will remember and refer back to for years to come.

There will be excursions to the West End, experiences of the local area, and other surprise events – all supporting the work, of course – to make your time enjoyable and memorable, not to mention well-spent. Read more about these carefully curated events

You'll look at every aspect of presentation skills. We will challenge, stretch and strengthen your current skills, then, building on that foundation, you will explore, play with and incorporate new tools and techniques into your work.

Presentation is a craft, and here you will look at ways to tailor your presentation skills with elegance and finesse, while keeping your own genuine style – because, as the adage says:

If you don’t believe the messenger, you won’t believe the message...

Recent Delegate Testimonials

"It was great to work with such a group of brilliant and committed professionals. Thanks to them my presentation skills have been given a blood transfusion. There’s no going back now."
David Holmes - Legal Assistant - OHIM

"A great experience with very engaged trainers. Very hands-on and focused to get the best out of the attendees. Very useful for my career and my whole life."
Marco Schmidt - Policy Development Officer - RIPE NCC

"A very thoughtful; thought-provoking, stimulating warm and complete course. Facilitated by the best team. I took away a truckload of wisdom, which will need a lifetime to uncover and integrate. In one word - excellent."
Rakhi Gupta - V & V Engineer - Leica Biosystems


Presentation With Impact Course Objectives:

  • Working with some of the foremost experts in the field
  • Gaining a practical understanding of every aspect of presentation
  • Exploring the power of storytelling in business
  • Leaning techniques to tailor and finesse your impact
  • Building Presence
  • Reading the room and responding to it
  • Controlling and channelling nervous energy to your advantage
  • Mastering PowerPoint and Key Note
  • Developing strong control of vocal and non-verbal communication
  • Handling tricky situations and people smoothly
  • Structuring presentations for maximum impact
  • Introducing meaning to technicality
  • Playing with presentations – for our own benefit and others’
  • Using presentation skills as leadership tools
  • Taking charge of a room and motivating your audience
  • Learning the art of persuasion, influence and enrolment
  • Gaining confidence!
  • Becoming a key player in business presentation and pitching
  • Practising, Practicing and Practicing

These five intensive and practical days are an opportunity to benefit both you and your business. You will develop your existing skills to become a definitive speaker who plays a pivotal role in the furtherance and success of your organisation or business concept.

Your distinctive attributes will be stimulated and nurtured, enabling you to achieve an authentic, engaging and flexible presenting methodology, one which will serve you for the rest of your presenting life. You will gain a profound understanding of your own unique style, why it works, and the intellectual appreciation of why exploring your own qualities and developing them is the right choice to support and strengthen new skills.

You will learn how to use storytelling to make your presentations more compelling, passionate and engaging. You will explore a range of storytelling techniques to suit different audiences and different media.

You will learn the dynamics of slide-design, why a variety of structures work in a variety of manners, and how to do things in an original way that makes you and your ideas stand out healthily from the rest of the crowd; how to make technical concepts comprehensible to people from a non-technical background?

Our Presentation with Impact Course offers you the benefit of:

  • Our most experienced senior training consultants throughout the week
  • A small group, with a maximum of eight delegates
  • Three coaching sessions:  one before the course, one during and one after
  • An International clientele where you will meet peers from across the globe
  • Training rooms based in London with access to all that this city offers
  • A welcoming and warm environment with a friendly support team
  • Fully interactive sessions where you will practise an extensive range of new skills
  • Extra activities throughout the week
  • Content tailored to each individual delegate as the week progresses
  • Exceptional individual support
  • An in-depth post-course resource page
  • On your first morning, you will be welcomed by one of Impact Factory’s founding Directors, and members of our ‘Home Team’, who will help you settle in before the course begins.


Below is an outline of what we’ll cover over the week, allowing the room to evolve and develop the content to suit the needs of each delegate. At Impact Factory we never predefine exactly how our courses will go as we tailor every single programme to the needs of the delegates who attend on the day.

Presentation With Impact Programme

Day 1: Insight and Awareness – Flexing the Muscles

Day 2: Storytelling, Structure and the Audience Response

Day 3: Creativity, Inspiration and Making Messages Stick

Day 4: Support Tools and Interactivity

Day 5: Practise, Practise and Final Presentations


Day One – How Do You Work As A Presenter?

We'll explore what makes presenters fly or flop, identify what happens to an individual when in ‘presentation mode’ and experience why and how this can be influenced to best serve us when we’re in the spotlight. 

Day One is a muscle-stretching day, identifying strengths and warming up for the rest of the week. You’ll start to identify what you might be taking for granted and using those skills consciously and actively.

We cover:  how to control nerves, how to choose the most impactful way to come across, how to respect and use the dynamics of the room, and how to bring inspiration into the mix (for the audience and yourself)?


Day Two – Once Upon A Time…

We all connect to a good story – we can’t help it but respond. So much of storytelling, story structure, and how we encourage audiences to respond is instinctive.

Our aim here is to do it actively.

We look at why different structures affect people in different ways. We look at what influences people (because every presentation has a purpose – at the end of every presentation we want people to do something), and we look at the role that emotions play here.

Using everyday examples of storytelling and popular films and books, we see how structures and ingredients we’ve known since we were children can be used to help find our unique and compelling professional voice and create engaging messages in a business context.


Day Three – Creating Brilliance And Surprise

This day is dedicated to breaking patterns and bringing some original thinking into play. It looks at taking risks so that you can reap some rewards, both for yourself and your audiences.

How can you effectively, and brilliantly, make your messages land?

Your job as a presenter is to keep your audience interested and sometimes, even, surprised. So we can’t say much more about it here!


Day Four – Support Tools And Interactivity

Here we'll explore how to use PowerPoint and Key Note effectively – those support tools that often end up controlling us.

How much information can an audience take? How can you encourage them to take it on board in a way that they’ll remember and be able to communicate to others? How can you use and respond to questions to your best advantage?

You’ll also be focusing now on preparing for the challenge of Day Five…


Day Five – Your Presentation of a lifetime

On our final day, we will spend the morning consolidating the learnings of the week. Then you will redesign, practice and prepare for the afternoon's presentations, which will take place in front of a new audience who will feedback on the impact of the presentations.


Following On…

Final Presentation with Impact hand-outs and plans for going forward…

As part of the wrap up we will re-visit each delegate's Personal Presentation arsenal – what do you now know works for you, and where will you use it? 

You will finalise a Plan of Action to take the work of the course back into your workplace…

You will be issued with relevant hand-outs to remind you of the Presentation with Impact work, including our memorable visual cue cards…

You will have access to a personalised post course web page, giving access to the extensive material and imagery of the week as well as recommended further reading


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