Creativity and Innovation Training

 These are the buzziest of buzz words right now and for very good reasons.

With the economic climate as it is, companies are looking to their people - their best and strongest asset - to help them survive and thrive.

And that may mean doing things differently. 

A company that wants to achieve or remain cutting edge can't do it by resting on its laurels or past successes. It needs to be continually building a better mousetrap or at least making the present one more attractive.

But I'm not Creative!

A heartfelt cry we hear a lot. "It's those bods in Marketing who are creative, not me."

creativity and innovation training

Whether you're in IT, Accounting or even Marketing you can learn to be more creative and innovative.

Creativity isn't about painting a picture or composing a piece of music or writing a novel.

It's about looking at things from a different perspective.

It's about trying out something new even if you're not sure it's going to work.

It's thinking up lots of fresh ideas and having a go.

And it could even be that dreaded cliche 'thinking outside the box'

Very few people are truly uncreative.

Sometimes people do get stuck from time to time and need a boost of energy to get their creativity and innovation focus back on track.

And sometimes it's that the job hasn't been about being creative before and now it is a sure recipe for brain-freeze for people whose day to day job isn't looked upon as creative.

Creative Genius

The days of the 'lone genius' locked away in a room coming up with brilliant ideas are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. New research shows that teams of disparate people working together with a variety of points of views accelerate the creative process and make innovation more possible but of greater importance, more relevant to the whole company.

Our goal is to give people a very clear road-map so that they can think and work creatively as a matter of course.

Creativity Training

Our creativity training and innovation programme works by asking people to deliberately break the normal rules of planning, behaviour, decision-making, just to mess up current patterns. By overturning the predictable, new possibilities will emerge, including the absurd, the inappropriate, even the dangerous.

However, out of a bit of irreverence and rule-breaking comes original and innovative thinking, even for those who absolutely are convinced they aren't creative.

Your company may need to have various individuals or teams sharpen their creative capabilities to keep pace with your aspirations. Like so many organisations right now, you may be undergoing big changes and your people have to rise to the creative challenge to stay on top.

It may be that you simply need to have some additional innovative tools to spark creative thinking and get people outside those prescribed 'boxes' even if those boxes have proved excellent in the past.

Creativity and Innovation

By focusing on creativity and innovation for individuals or teams (a great way to get people to bond and work better together), productivity increases, solutions to problems are found more easily, people's energy and enthusiasm are multiplied and people feel they have a greater stake in the company's success.

A Creativity and Innovation Training Programme tailored to your needs may be just the ticket to stretch your people's imaginations and inspire them to make a greater contribution to the business of your business.

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Creativity and Innovation Training

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