Creative Strategic Thinking Training

The words vision, strategy, mission and values are words bandied around a lot in the corporate world.

But what do they actually mean and how can you make them more than just words?

Our training gives an introduction to the idea of strategic thinking and more importantly provides some practical tools and techniques for turning strategy into reality.

Creative Strategic Thinking Training

Strategic thinking is an area that seems to attract buzzwords and fuzzy thinking!

We all know the language - strategy, vision, mission, values, innovation, forward thinking, idea showers and on and on.

creative strategic thinking training

It can be quite daunting then, when someone asks you to 'engage with a strategy', implement it or inspire others to do it.

How do you come up with a 'vision' in the first place?

They are rarely delivered by an angel, though they often seem to be handed down from on high and can seem set in stone.

Strategic Thinking de-mystified

We help to de-mystify the process, with a simple model that anyone can use.

We give you a handle on the language and the thinking.

We look at key areas and the main sticking points, providing practical tools and techniques for carrying people along with you.

Strategic Thinking - does this sound familiar?

It may be that you want to come up with a strategy for your business and you've never done that before.

Or you've been asked to facilitate others through a strategic thinking process and you want to know where to start.

Maybe the strategy is there already but it doesn't seem to be moving.

Sometimes bits move and others don't - so how do you unstick the stuck bits?

It could be that you just need to understand the thinking of others who are coming up with and implementing strategies around you.

Whatever your background or sector this course can give you a good grounding in strategic thinking so that you are able to move things on - starting from your first day back in the office.

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Tailored specifically to each group, our training provides an introduction to the idea of strategic thinking and more importantly provides some practical tools and techniques for turning strategy into reality.

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Strategic Thinking Training

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Creative Strategic Thinking Training

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