Creative Strategic Thinking Training Course - Two Day

Learn to think creatively about a vision. Then get to planning and communicating that vision to others.

Creative Strategic Thinking Course

Upcoming Dates

30 Jan to 31 Jan 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: £995.00 + VAT
Pay Today Price: £796.00 + VAT

5 Apr to 6 Apr 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Price: £995.00 + VAT

All courses are now running Hybrid.
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Creative Strategic Thinking Courses Cover

  • Creativity vs Strategic Thinking
  • Practising Brainstorming
  • Idea Generation
  • Practical Tools And Techniques
  • Identifying A Clear Vision And Goals
  • Planning Future Strategy
  • Risk Assessment
  • How Changes Impact Strategy
  • Options And Contingency Plans
  • Committing To Next Steps

“Hope is not a strategy.”
Vince Lombardi

Independent Reviews

What our delegates say:

Get involved. Great course that taught me new techniques. I would recommend it to all levels of management Miles Philips - Director of Marketing - 49's
I left the course with a new approach to problem-solving and naturally feeling more confident working in new and more inventive ways. I also left with the beginnings of a strategic plan for an upcoming project which I am looking forward to sharing with my seniors when more developed. Amy Bunyan - Director of UK Finance - James Grant Group  
I found the course really useful and have since used many of the tools demonstrated over the 2 days; I’ve even suggested that a few colleagues attend the session Lauren Pethybridge - Head of Food & Beverage - YHA

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CPD Accredited Course

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Listen to Impact Factory Director Jo Ellen Grzyb and Training Consultant Janet Addison

talking about Creativity and Strategic Thinking

Creative Strategic Thinking Course

This course is for anyone involved in developing or implementing strategy or who has a project or initiative that needs a boost of creativity.

Our aim is to demystify creativity and strategic thinking and give you a full range of tools and techniques to expand your skillset.

We'll support you through the steps of effective strategic planning to achieve grounded and measurable outcomes.

You will leave with a greater capacity to be creative without being hampered by the fear of failure or judgement.

You'll be able to make practical plans that can be implemented with confidence and gusto!

Creative Strategic Thinking Course Contents

This creative strategic thinking course is tailored to reflect the needs of the delegates.

We will include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant.

Day one

Defining Creative Strategic Thinking

We will demystify the concepts of creativity and strategy, focusing on breaking thinking patterns and delaying the rush to solution.

Being consciously aware of how your style of thinking can be further developed is vital to remaining fresh and attentive to future possibilities.

Lateral Thinking and Brainstorming Tools

Without creativity, strategic thinking may translate into plans built from a series of predictable building blocks.

We have a range of unusual and playful lateral thinking tools to generate new ideas and disrupt obvious or conventional ways of thinking.

There’s nothing wrong with repeating patterns or indeed using building blocks you’ve used before.

The trick is being able to explore all possible options before you make definitive decisions.

These tools will help you explore new options you haven’t thought of before.

The Creativity Workout!

This is a workout which will bend, stretch, pummel and free up your creative muscles!

It’s action-packed, energetic, unexpected and fun.


Why is having a Vision so important?

It gives meaning and purpose, motivates people to work more collaboratively and productively.

It is a yardstick by which to evaluate goals and objectives.

it is a beacon and guiding light helping you to stay on track and keep going through obstacles and adversity.

Well Known Visions

We look at the Visions of well-known organisations and explore what they have in common.

Using these as a springboard, with additional tools and some quick-fire questions from us, you’ll work on your own project or initiative to define an inspiring vision for the future.

This vision is the framework for the rest of the programme and will help you define your strategy.

Day Two

Making Plans

We start with a light-hearted exercise to show that everyone has the ability to strategise.

We then unpick the elements of what makes up an effective strategy.

We look at why, when the stakes are high, people have to raise their creative and strategic ‘game’.

Vision Mission and Strategy

We’ll look at the link between Vision, Mission and Strategy

You will start defining your goals, expectations and concrete plans using one of your own business initiatives.

What If…

We'll look at two common reactions to new initiatives and how to use these to disrupt predictable thinking.

This will help you identify and focus on measurable objectives, goals and milestones.

You will identify potential obstacles, risks and blockages to the success of your project, and plan how to mitigate against their impact.

From there we choose from a variety of strategic tools to help you find ways to accelerate your project.

We look at ways to harness these common reactions in order to arrive at simple, doable actions towards reaching your goals.

Gaining Perspective

All projects require perspective, the ability to step back and assess your initiative.

This could be looking at it from different angles, seeing whether you’ve addressed potential contingencies, considered outside influences or want to set your aspirations even higher.

Depending upon the needs of the group we will choose from a range of tools that will facilitate you gaining the perspective you need to ensure the success of your project.

Creating a Plan for the Possible

We will ask you to identify the qualities of a Creative Strategic Thinker.

Which do you already own and which can you consciously develop?

The final exercise of the day brings the learning of the two days together as you give that creative muscle full expression!

Next Steps

We will make a start on writing up your strategic plans and share any outstanding worries or concerns.

All our work will be supported by useful tips and aide-memoirs to help you in the real world.

Delegates have the opportunity to take home hand-outs used during the course

They also have access to a course web page containing

  • Handouts used during the course
  • New supportive material
  • Impact Factory PDF documents
  • Recommended reading
  • Links to our favourite videos

Creative Strategic Thinking Course


Upcoming London Dates

Creative Strategic Thinking Course - 2 Day

30 Jan to 31 Jan 2023

Price: £995.00
Pay Today Price: £796.00
Prices exclude VAT

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Creative Strategic Thinking Course - 2 Day

5 Apr to 6 Apr 2023

Price: £995.00
Prices exclude VAT

Select Places Required

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