Creative Business Writing

Creative Business Writing Skills

Some people are 'born' writers; they have the ability and flair to get their message across with style, and more importantly, accessibility.creative business writing training

Other people aren't.

Your company may be one of the lucky ones to have some natural business writers who don't agonise over reports, marketing materials, press releases, proposals, presentations and the like.

For many people, however, having to sit down and write to a deadline is reminiscent - in a horrible way - of school reports and written exams.

And yet you may still need your staff to communicate both internally and externally through the written word.

If their business writing doesn't hit the mark, grab the 'buyer's' attention and reflect the ethos of your company, you are losing business.

Creative Business Writing Techniques

Just a few simple creative writing techniques can make all the difference.

Writing for Business more effectively and with greater confidence is within everyone's grasp.

We can share all we know about ways to unblock your business writing, make an impact and write in ways that will engage and connect with your readership.

We want you to leave confident that your business writing will never be used to prop up a table leg.

Whatever your ability there are armfuls of practical tips and techniques to try.

We want you to set you free, singing hallelujah and running with eager pen towards your next business writing assignment.

Whether it's a marketing campaign or an annual report, a crucial internal memo or a diplomatic letter, our Creative Business Writing Training can give your people enough tools of the trade to help them become articulate and confident business writers. 

Our Creative Business Writing Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your own company.

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Creative Business Writing


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