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Conflict Management and Difficult People

'Yes, but not today' is how people usually feel about conflict management.conflict management training

Not surprisingly we all feel that we need to prepare to manage conflict or people who we find difficult.

Most people see conflict as indicative of a problem.

Disagreement feels uncomfortable and threatening.

When there's no open conflict we can carry on as though things are all right even if we know they aren't.

The main reason to engage in conflict is to reach a resolution.

Without resolution, conflict merely becomes an opportunity to recycle old arguments and disagreements.

Conflict Resolution

With resolution, conflict can be rewarding and exciting and can move things forward.

Conflict Management and Difficult People has a mixture of theory and practical exercises designed to help delegates constructively engage with conflict rather than avoid it.

Just about every company in the world has, on occasion, a problem with conflict among its people, or conflict that its people have to deal with externally.

Indeed, there are many companies where conflict arises a lot.

Your company may need people to get on with each other better and not get bogged down in arguments and tensions that disrupt the flow of work.

You may simply need some of your staff to be able to manage conflict with more panache, or even instigate conflict management if necessary.

Really Difficult People

Some areas of your company may have to deal with really difficult people both internally and externally:

Tricky suppliers

Others who let you down and give you a briefcase full of excuses

Outright nasties who make people's lives a misery

Although not every conflict has an easy-to-achieve resolution, most do, it's just that in our experience, people are more adept at avoiding conflict than seeing what needs to be done to resolve it.

Our Conflict Management Training will give your people usable, relevant and confidence building tools to help them handle this difficult arena more effectively.

Our Conflict Management Skills Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address workplace conflict issues within your own company.

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Conflict Management Training

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